1 Jan 2013

Hybrid Fundamentals - A beginners guide to Hybrid Fitness

Begining next week on Monday the 7th January is our Fundamentals group exercise class. This class is for beginners or people unsure of coming to Hybrid for the first time. We understand it is a big step to take for some to start attending a gym, this class is to make the experience easy and that first steep becomes multiple little steps until they are ready to join into regular classes. Below is a expert taken from the inforamtion package we have put together for the fundamental class.

What is Hybrid Fundamentals?

Hybrid Fundamentals is an introductory group class to introduce beginners to exercise methods and philosophies at Hybrid. We understand many people may feel overwhelmed joining into a regular group class, if you are new to exercising or it’s been a while since you have performed exercise then it’s only natural to feel some insecurity in joining in a regular class. We are taking away the insecurity and uncertainty. This class is only 20 minutes in duration and aims firstly at getting people moving again and secondly getting your confidence up to a level where you will feel comfortable in a regular class.

Hybrid Fundamentals concentrates on learning exercise technique, learning movement, and being introduced into methods for achieving peak fitness and health.  Unlike most gyms, Hybrid isn’t a gym that is all about “the look”; it’s all about how you feel and how you move to make everyday life easier. We concentrate on developing your fitness so your quality of life improves and you have better health, we don’t care about bikinis and biceps, we care about function and wellbeing.   However if you do follow our advice a side effect is looking good, looking well.

Hybrid Fundamentals will also help educate about effective exercise and effective nutrition, we add the why to the what you are doing during the fundamentals class, you will take knowledge away with you and if you choose to not to continue with us then you will still hopefully have gained some knowledge to assist in your own pursuits for good health and fitness.

“We concentrate on developing your fitness so your quality of life improves and you have better health”


A Beginners Guide to a Fitter and Healthier Life

When:        Mondays @ 6:45pm

Where:      Hybrid Fitness Training

1/160 North Street

(Old Brewery Complex)

Cost: $8

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